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Supporting the Massachusetts Outdoor Heritage Foundation

The Massachusetts Outdoor Heritage Foundation was created primarily as a legacy organization. The goal of our founders was to enable committed individuals to invest in the future of Massachusetts' wildlife and natural communities, with confidence that their tax-deductible bequests will be used to enable the restoration and long-term maintenance of wild lands and wildlife, including lands open to passive recreation, hunting, and fishing, and only in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

At the same time, the board seeks to engage and encourage wildlife philanthropy in individuals on an ongoing basis, and to foster the ethics of stewardship and personal responsibility for our natural environment in all citizens. We therefore also welcome ongoing involvement via sustaining gifts that support our programs, and direct participation in our efforts through volunteerism, including board service.

Your commitment is vital, in so many ways. Every contribution you make is important, no matter how limited your time or budget, because our lean, volunteer-dominated organization uses each donation to give life to the most forward-looking plans of action and blueprints for conservation and restoration projects that we can find, projects that often must otherwise languish for lack of adequate funding.

And we strive to encourage matching gifts whenever possible, because we know that people working together are more effective and derive more satisfaction from their efforts than do individuals trying to act alone. So you truly are the key, and we invite you to join us.

Annual Support

Your annual gifts of cash, stock, or securities allow us to continue our outreach via important publications like the Living Waters report of the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, and through our small grants program for landowners, nature centers, and sportsmen's clubs.

We depend upon the generosity and commitment of individual people who understand that a tight, trim-budgeted organization like the Massachusetts Outdoor Heritage Foundation, run by people who are passionate about wildlife, is an extremely cost-effective vehicle for conservation philanthropy. Your gift of any size makes a big impact because we use it to leverage other gifts, keep our overhead low and our infrastructure simple, and carefully invest in science-based projects that have a very high potential for success.

A Life Legacy

To take a more long-lasting and formative part in the work of the Massachusetts Outdoor Heritage Foundation, please consider a gift of land or securities, a bequest, a charitable remainder trust, or other form of legacy gift. to get more information about the form of gift that's right for you and your family. Your generous bequests are an abiding investment in our future, in Massachusetts' unique outdoor heritage, and are administered with the utmost care and respect for your wishes.

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